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Hi! I am Sudipta Deb, nick name 'Shanku' and friends also call me Deb. I am passionate about web and software development. I have developed both front-end and back-end for many small to medium sized firms.

[ About me ]
sudipta deb early life
Born on 13th Nov 1993 at Rangat, Middle Andaman. My sunshine is Libra and I love Potatoes.
sudipta deb early life
Went to GSSS Sabari Jn. for 12 year from 1999 to 2011. Lots of great memories and many close friends for life.
sudipta deb early life
Went to Coimbatore Institute of Technology from 2011-2015 for BE in Electronics and Communication. Came out with a hell lot of memories and friends than I thought I will do.
sudipta deb early life
Was and still am the CFO of the college time Start-up along with the two most talented and motivated persons I ever met.
[ My passion ]
Web Development

Web Development

I love to develop simplistic and responsive websites and web-apps using latest trends and technologies like bootstrap, jQuery, fontawesome, PHP, MySQL, Flight etc for server side programming ..

Web Development


I like to code, yes ! as simple as that. I code in C/C++, Embedded C, Python, PHP etc. I was inspired by this quote by Bill Gates - Every man should learn to code, because it teaches us HOW to think ..

Embedded System

Embedded Systems

Because software alone do not cut it always, Playing with a little bit of hardware with basic instructions embedded onto it and controlling it over web or through sensors is really fun ..

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I making new friends and would love to hear from you. May it be for your next project you want me to work or to just say hi !
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